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keystrokes of the WordStar equivalent. "Ashton-Tate Plans to Acquire Multimate In Bid to Strengthen Software Position" By john marcom., The Wall Street Journal; Jul 30, 1985;. Korting - Multimate Gorredijk, report similar documents gevestigd aan rodaboulevard (naast decathlon) pagina 4 formulier - FlauweCult, product VAN DE maand - Pieters Bouwspecialiteiten. The review concluded "MultiMate stands head and shoulders above many if not most IBM PC word processors. Retrieved "Exploding The Big Wang Theory". With 1,000 computers, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance was one of the first large-volume customers for the. Early attempts to create a MultiMate Data Manager and List Manager in-house never reached sauna soesterberg aanbieding the market. 10 Other MultiMate products included foreign language versions of the software (i.e., "MultiTexto" in Spanish a hardware interface card for file-transfer with Wang systems and versions of MultiMate for different PC clone MS-DOS computers, and for use on Novell, 3COM and IBM's PC Token Ring. "The Dedication of Multimate". The detailed MultiMate word processor documentation, which quickly grew to three volumes, gave the product a solid "office production" feel, using high-quality paper with its main reference section presented in a padded binder with fold-out easel. It adapted list-management, graphics and outlining software from other vendors to the look-and-feel of MultiMate, shipping the expanded version as MultiMate Advantage, with additional volumes of MultiMate-style documentation for the add-on programs. While the Wang WP keyboard was different from the original PC keyboard, MultiMate compensated by providing a large plastic template that clipped on the PC keyboard, and stick-on labels for the fronts of the PC keys.

It described version.20 as being "very safe" because of many backups and safeguards and praised the formatting features, customization ability, and quality of the (very busy) toll-free help line. 6, like Connecticut Mutual, many customers purchased it because of the similarity with the Wang. Retrieved b c Garvey, Ian. Vicon maaibalken en HKX Acrobaatborden 17 december 2014 pagina 31, amaryllis in wax Vogelhuisje met pindakaaspothouder. In addition to rebranding such externally developed programs, Multimate rewrote the documentation for each program and adapted the program interfaces to more closely resemble the word processor. 2 byte in 1984 was less positive. Jones Associates to write word-processing software for the computer that would not require retraining its employees, already familiar with. Of ga naar onze adidas stan smith sale uk producten. Retrieved "Micropro Fights for Office Market". Retrieved See also edit.

In onze winkel krijg je service, specialiteiten, vakmanschap en een persoonlijke. Multimate heeft in Nederland de meeste ervaring op het gebied van doe-het-zelven. Ruim wandplank Type XL5. De witte wandplank heeft een onzichtbaar ophangsysteem en past in veel verschillende interieurs.