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too. corporate family relationships (headquarters, branches, subsidiaries, etc. Potential partners and lenders can request a business credit report about your business using your duns Number or other business identifiers. The first reels appear to be hand-made and hand-assembledmight they be pre WW2?, but later reels slowly morphed into something put together on a press and a far more consistent production line seems to be the case. A duns Number identifies a company's. The middle reel with the pill in the centre of the spool is generally thought to be the Mark II and the reel on the right a Mark IV with a larger foot and a centreboss with three screws instead of the pill.

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The backs of the l have a pill, but the Mark IV has its outer paint stripped off and a line guide added, which rather alters its appearance. Dun Bradstreet Live Business Identity. Sodo the hand-made early models pre-date WW2 or were they made just after? I cant be sure if that date stamp was set to Jan or Jun but it seems we can now be sure that the pill-shaped centreboss models date from 1951. . Since first writing this bit of the blog two things have happened that Id long given up hope ever would. . We dont even know when the reels were made nor for how long. Equally, you can use the duns Number to access the same information about any company with which you might kortingscode condoom anoniem wish to work. From the left; an early reel with screwed on handles and a hand-made build quality of an exceptionally high standard. And secondly I have managed to purchase just such an early Speedia, in its box with original d it too is dated 1951 inside the lid of the box with a date stamp: This was a bit of luck as later boxes were not date-stamped.

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